3 Fall Fashion Trends To Watch

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner.  And transitioning a summer wardrobe to cooler temps can be a bit tricky...but we're here to help!  The key to figuring out what to wear for fall is all in the layers, and we've outlined 3 fall fashion trends to keep you on track with all of your wardrobe edits.

Real quick- lets talk jewelry trends before we get into clothes.  It's no secret that darker colors take center stage during the fall months.  And black onyx pieces (like #4 below) can effortlessly compliment edgier, fall fashion finds. (Side note: black onyx also absorbs negative energy, so its the perfect gemstone to take with you when you transition into a brand new phase of the year). 

fall fashion trends

Fall fashion trend #1: RUFFLES.  This trend has been everywhere lately!  And while it may have started as a summer fling, you better believe its holding on strong through the fall and winter months this year.

Fall fashion trend #2:  TWEED. Yep. You've seen it before, and you'll see it again.  Rejoice Blair Waldorfs of the world- a taste of the upper-east side is back in a big way. 

Fall fashion #3: THE 70'S TOUCH. Okay, guys. This one's pretty fun.  You've probably seen the big metal loop bag accents lately because they are popping up everywhere! (We particularly love this Sole Society option for less than $75. Let's face it. Not everyone can afford a traditional Chloe).


That's a great question. And one that I've been thinking a ton about lately.  It seems that long gone are the days of relatable fashion magazines (although If they even existed in the first place...I'm not really sure). 

handmade gold choker necklace

 Chloe choker necklace- my fall fav!

My go-to source for finding the latest and greatest fashion trends is instagram.  I follow a great crop of bloggers that I know are always ahead of the trends.  I make a point of following relatable, down to earth girls that match up with my laid-back casual style.  Long gone are my days of fashion magazines thats for sure (but I guess that's true millennial speak, right there).

My fav blogger ladies somehow seem to know all of the trends even before they hit the shelves.  Need fresh follows? Catch up with a few of our fashion blogger muses here. 


1.  Chain strap shoulder bag
2.  Chloe choker necklace
3.  AG skinny denim
4.  Black onyx triangle post earrings
5.  Tweed jacket
6.  Chloe choker necklace
7.  Handmade gold chevron rings
8.  Lace up open-toed booties


-Jessica, owner Shoppe California 

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