4 Creative Women who Crush

Ever heard of #womencrushingitwednesdays? We hadn't either until we saw it on our IG feed yesterday...and there's no surprise that we LOVE it.  

creative women in californiaWe need to make a point of over-sharing other creative women that inspire us.  Because after all, that's what Shoppe is all about.  We follow an incredible network of lady-bosses on Instagram (way more than just jewelers), and we thought we would share some of our favorite ladies that make our IG world go round...the following picks are creative women who CRUSH (IT) on the regular.  4 ladies to be exact... 

1. @marrowfine_

Okay guys- Jillian Sassine of Marrow Fine is a super amazing over the top creative human being.  She takes old jewels and repurposes them into works of modern-day jewelry art! We hope to work with her on a partnership some day (shhh she doesn't even know that yet!).  We saw her speak in San Diego at a girl boss event several months ago and have been hooked on her IG feed ever since. 

marrow fine jewelery

2.  @bohobylauren

Full disclosure: We've never met this goddess but boy are we obsessed with her wall tapestries. Her art is one of a kind and really pushes decor boundaries.  If you have been following our IG feed lately, you've probably seen the tapestry we posted today (Lauren doesnt know this, but her feed totally inspired us to create this piece). We are big time lovers of interior design and decor, and lauren's feed really inspires us to give our space a face lift every now and again. 

Boho by Lauren

3.  @beachyboheme

If you have been following us for a while, you may have noticed a really fun giveaway that we did with the creative ladies of Beachyboheme.  We couldn't love these creative ladies more- and it has been such a pleasure getting to know them and their branding goals.  This dynamic duo runs a boho-eclectic online shop with everything you could possibly want to decorate your home. Give them a peek- you won't mind their inspiring snaps on IG either. PROMISE!

Beachy Bohem Decor company in San Diego

4.  @Laurienicoud

San Diego sisters far and wide are well aware of Laurie's graphic design and photoshoot talents.  This lady is really at her jumping off point in her career and just left the world of in-house magazine branding to start her own booming branding biz.  Follow along as she meets with San Diego lady bosses to help them identify and execute their branding vision.  You may have heard her name on this blog before since she helped ShoppeCA get off the ground with a branding vision!

Laurie Nicoud Designs

As mentioned at the top of this post, we are going to make a better effort of sharing our favorite wonder women from Instagram world. Stand by for more pretty. And as always- if you know of anyone we should be keeping up with, we'd love to hear and follow.  


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