4 Things to Make Monday Better

Monday's can be...well...rough to say the least.  We hope you're hanging in there and pushing through.  Remember to just keep swimming! You've got this.  

Need a little pick-me-up? We've rounded up 4 things to help you shine brighter.  And before you tell Monday to go step on a lego, read this post:

Okay guys, we were skeptical at first.  But this baby is only $10 on amazon and is the best face mask we have ever tried.  Will make Monday (and life) better- promise! 

bentonite healing clay mask amazon

The best shot you ever did take on a  monday morning. Mix one shot ACV with a half a lemon and some honey to cut the acidity and you've got yourself a winner. Seriously- it's a great detox and wake-up-call for a Monday.  (Check our IG stories...we are sharing our fav ACV shot recipes this morning...)

raw apple cider vinegar

Call us crazy, but science backs us up here.  Cuddling your dog can reduce stress levels and help you relax!  Plus, who doesn't love dogs (cat people- we see you and we raise you a dog snuggle).  Not into fuzzy friends? This gemstone helps relieve stress, too.  

(If you follow our Instagram you know that's our Shoppe dog, Phoebe. She's always down for a snuggle sesh or ten).  

It's no secret that when Monday gets rough, the inspirational quotes start flowing.  They really help us push through and we hope they do the same for you.  You'll make it through, we promise. Tuesday is just around the corner.

just keep swimming



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