5 Handmade Rings You'll Love

We dig anything unique (bonus points for vintage, and extra bonus points for quality materials). That's why we love this '5 handmade ring round-up' below. All 5 picks are unique, some are vintage, and all are made from quality metal and stone.

Keep it dainty with Love Tatum, or make a bold statement with vintage moonstone a-la Erin Fader Jewelry design.  Curious about gemstone meanings?  If you missed our recent gemstone meaning glossary post, you can catch it here.  In the meantime, 5 handmade rings you'll love- right this way! 



1.  Blue chalcedony mini triangle ring by Love Tatum
2.  Moonstone 3-stone ring by Erin Fader
3.  Turquoise 3-stone ring by Erin Fader
4.  Vintage crystal glass pentagon ring by Erin Fader
5.  Blue lapis mini triangle ring by Love Tatum




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