6 Jewelry Storage Ideas from Etsy

Storing your jewelry at home can be a challenge, and keeping your jewels cute, clean, and presentable is quite the task.  We've rounded up 6 jewelry storage ideas form Etsy that would be a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom, vanity, or closet!  Our fav? The hexagon jewelry tray by Thatcher Gray (#1 below!).  

We love supporting makers who create handmade items, and its always fun to own something that has that special unique edge.  We can already imagine a bold Erin Fader Cocktail ring paired with #2 below, or hanging all of our Love Tatum gemstone studs on storage option #3.  Which storage option is your fav?

We always love learning about new storage tricks, or fun new Etsy makers.  Let us know how you store your jewelry in the comments below- we would love to hear from you. 

How to store jewelry
1. Hexagon jewelry dish
2. Cactus ring dish
3. Peg board jewelry holder
4. Wild and free tray
5. Palm leaf
6. Cactus ring cones


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