7 Handmade Jewelry Pieces to Watch This Spring

We thought we would share some pretty IG images that have been catching a lot of likes lately on our Instagram feed. We love Instagram because it gives us an inside peek at our shoppers.

We've rounded up 7 handmade jewelry pieces to watch this Spring, purely based on all the love we've been experiencing on IG over the last 2 weeks. 

7 Handmade Jewelry Pieces to Watch

1.  Erin Fader Jewelry cocktail ring collection. We asked for a 100 likes to carry some of these beauties in the Shoppe and we heard you loud and clear! We can't wait to add more of these Erin Fader Jewelry beauties to the site.  (Give us a little time though- this lovely jewelry designer is getting married in a few days and is up to her ears in escort cards and seating charts.  Congrats, Erin!)

handmade blue cocktail rings

2.  Jewelry display from new Shoppe Ca designer, Housgoods.  Since Housgoods stepped on the #Shoppeca scene her jewelry has been stirring up a storm online.  We love the natural aspects of her pieces, and how each jewel is inspired by the great outdoors.  

housgoods handmade san diego jeweler

3.  Healing gemstone stud earrings by Acute Designs. Gemstone products make the perfect gift.  We love these mini gemstone stud earrings because each pair  has a different meaning and vibe to help level out your energy (can we get any more California here, people?)

healing gemstone stud earrings by Acute Designs

4.  A throw back to our Shoppe CA studio shoot with Lush Jewelry necklaces and Erin Fader cocktail ring. (Want to learn more about Instagram flat lays? Click here).

layered necklaces handmade in san diego

5.  Our best-selling mama script necklace.  A mother's day and all-time fav gift of any mama or mama-to-be.

mama script necklaces by thatch jewelry handmade in san diego

6.  A re-gram of shoppe CA fan's mini triangle gemstone ring by Love Tatum.   We love when Shoppe fans share their sparkle.  We can't help but share, too! Make sure you share your #shoppeca and tag @shoppeca so we can over-share (over-sharing is our favorite).handmade gemstone ring by Love Tatum

7.  Howlite gemstone bangles by Love Tatum. These beauties were just restocked YESTERDAY due to high demand.  Howlite aids in sleeping, calms the overactive mind, eases insomnia, promotes dreaming, and encourages stress relief. Physically, it calms the whole body and releases muscle tension.

healing gemstone howlite bangles by Love tatum

Make sure you are following along all the IG fun! It's where the party happens (sales, new sparkle, and more).  



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