Bridesmaids Jewelry Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect piece of jewelry for your bridesmaids? We're outlining 5 of our all-time simple bridesmaids jewelry gift ideas that your maids will wear long after the wedding is over. And the best part? Each piece of bridesmaids jewelry is under $50.  Let's get started...

A good rule of thumb with bridesmaids gifting is to keep it simple and high quality.  If you really want to give your ladies something that they will use and love, a simple piece of jewelry can be the perfect way to say thank you.    

bridesmaids jewelry gift ideas

1.  14K gold filled infinity bangle 

This adorable infinity bangle can be a great representation of your friendship and gratitude for a lifetime of companionship with your bestie.  And the best part? It's handmade in San Diego, CA with only the most quality of materials.  (Extra bonus? It's a great stacking piece with any watch or bangle set). 

Bridesmaids Jewelry


2.  14k gold filled love script bangle

This love script bangle is hand formed in California with quality metal (and it's also available in silver, gold, and rose gold!).  The clasp makes it easy to put on yourself, and it pairs well with just about anything and everything else in your arm party.  (Looking for little something extra? Pair it with the infinity bangle above, or add a set of $28 handmade, gold Mini heart post earrings.)

bridesmaids jewelry gift idea3.  14k gold filled linking necklace 

Our handmade linking necklaces are the perfect symbol of friendship.  Choose from different linking shapes, and mix and match metals for your gal pals.  These classic necklaces are perfect for layering, and a nice, simple piece that your ladies will wear for years to come (seriously...years! The metal quality is outstanding).  Pick from 14k gold filled, rose gold, and sterling silver.

bridesmaids jewelry gift idea

Interlocking hammered circle necklace

Bridesmaids jewelry gift idea

Interlocking hammered heart necklace

Bridesmaids jewelry gift idea

Interlocking hammered teardrop necklace


4.  14k gold filled mini heart post earrings

These mini heart post earrings are only 5cm in length, and handmade in San Diego. If you are looking for a simple stud earrings for your maids, these are a super sweet, handmade option.  Available in sterling silver, gold filled, and rose gold.  

bridesmaids jewelry gift idea

Mini heart post earrings

5.  Custom bridesmaids jewelry

Here at ShoppeCA, we also offer custom bridesmaids jewelry packages.  You set your budget, and create the vision.  Then, we shop your quote around with our fabulous lady jewelry vendors.  Click here to learn more about custom bridesmaids jewelry packages and get started! 

Bridesmaids Jewelry Gift Idea

Visit our Pinterest board for more bridesmaids gift ideas (we promise there's more there than just jewelry). 

Done with gifting bridesmaids jewelry? Then go ahead and grab yourself a little something extra special and sparkly for the big day from our Jewelry for the Bride collection!




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