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Throwing a bridal shower or bachelorette party and looking for that perfect out of the box DIY idea? Then keep on scrolling! To help get your party-planning wheels turning, we’ve broken down one of our favorite bar cart décor ideas for your DIY bridal shower brunch. (And we have a feeling you are going to LOVE it!)

Bar carts happen to make the perfect party side-kick.  And dressing them up? We'll, thats the fun part. We came across our bar cart beauty at the San Diego Vintage Flea market a few years ago, and ever since then, she's rolled through countless parties at our home.  Each time she makes an appearance, we make sure she's perfectly dressed for the occasion.

So- moving on to the lovely diamond shaped banner DIY as promised. Not only is this banner a show stopper, but it also smells ah-may-zing. (No but really...the felt diamonds are packed with dryer sheets, people!  Call us crazy, but we think the scent adds a fun, feminine touch)

(And an extra bonus about this fun DIY project? The materials are wicked affordable.) 

DIY bridal shower .

Felt Diamond Garland

+ 5 rectangles of felt
+ Scissors
+ 10 dryer sheets (weird, we know)
+ 2 sticks of hot glue
+ Hot glue gun
+ 3 spools of colored washi tape
+ 1 spool of colored twine
+ 1 diamond shaped stencil (or a hefty piece of cardboard to make one yourself)
+ 1 black sharpie


1. Pick a piece of felt and fold in half. Place stencil in the middle, and trace around it. Cut out the diamond shape you just traced, and you should be left with 2 identical diamond pieces.

2. It’s time to washi! And remember, no need to be super specific on dimensions.  Washi is forgiving. Eyeball the center strip of the diamond pattern and stick each end of the washi to the service you are working on. This ensures your felt diamond will stay in place for the remainder of the project. Next, begin to outline your large triangle by measuring 2 pieces of washi that will serves as both sides of your large triangle.  Pull the washi tight and press it down into place. Then, just as you did before, create the small triangle for the top portion of the diamond design. Press washi down to secure.

DIY Bridal shower garland

3. Break off pieces of your washi to outline the diamond. Start with the top piece and proceed counter-clockwise. Pro tip: Instead of breaking the washi tape by hand, use a scissor. This will ensure clean lines.

4. After your diamond is completely “drawn” in with washi tape, gently peel it from your surface and snip away at the edges. This will leave a smooth washi border.

5. It’s time to glue (you’re half-way there)! Hot glue four edges (of your choice) and leave one open. This will serve as a pocket to add dimension.

DIY Bridal Shower

6. Stuff! Pro tip: gather each dryer sheet from the middle and gently place in the upper top corners of the diamond. Don’t worry if the diamond is starting to look a little lumpy, after it's placed it will to smooth out. Each diamond should be stuffed with 2 sheets.

DIY bridal shower bar cart

7. Glue the remaining side closed.

8. Repeat Steps 1 through 7 until you have created 4 diamonds in total.

9.  Lay all diamonds on a flat surface and cover with something heavy. This will ensure that they turn out all the same size- bye, bye dryer sheet lumps! Hello sweet scent!

10. Get-ta-hangin’. Hot glue the top side of each diamond to the supplied string. Pro tip: Make sure to space as evenly as you can. It’s best to leave about 3.5” to 4” in between each diamond

And there you have it! Your bar cart (or wall) will be dressed up in no time.  But remember, If all else fails...we still think you're a gem. 

DIY bridal shower bar cart decor

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