DIY Unicorn Horn Headband

Did somebody say Unicorns? Yep that's right- Unicorns, all the rage these days, I know…and apparently, so does my soon to be three year old daughter, Olivia. Unicorns are trending hard, right along with all things mermaid and magical. So of course, when I asked Olivia about her upcoming birthday party she requested that we have pizza, ice cream, and a hefty side of UNICORN magic.

Unicorn Horn Headband DIY

As I began to scour the internet later that day I ran into some of the most wonderful and elaborate unicorn birthday ideas, including the most amazing unicorn horn headbands ever! Oh ETSY, I do love you…but not for those prices. Thirty bucks for a unicorn horn headband? No thank you! I could absolutely do this myself! So I did, and they turned out beautifully, (after ironing out all the kinks.)  So follow along on my How To and How NOT To make a unicorn horn headband, or two…or five?!? 

First things first.  Michael's, my favorite store on the planet (except for shoppe california of course)!  They have it all and more.  I found everything for these headbands at Michael's and utilized my super handy teacher discount-yep teachers, if you didn't know this you need to. Teachers get 15% off their entire purchase at Michael's with a valid teacher ID.  Of course, you can always go the amazon route for these things as well, there is something to be said for that prime delivery right to your door.

Shopping/Materials List:

  • Felt-sparkly white, pink, stiffened sparkly white (2 of each)
  • Plastic headbands
  • Thread-I found this amazing iridescent "unicornesque" thread, but Gold or Silver would work
  • Flowers-I would have made these from felt...but who has time for that?!
  • Stuffing Material-I used supreme fiber fill (basic pillow stuffing)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue (I already owned one, but if not they are only $3.00!)
  • Scissors (again, most people have these lying around!)



Cut out a triangle shape without the tip.  Now, there are plenty of templates out there that can help you do this if you are a major perfectionist, but I totally free handed this.  I think that all unicorns are unique and therefore no two horns are just the same!

Remember I told you I would also be mentioning how NOT to make a unicorn horn?  Well, here is your first tip: The cut out needs to be pretty wide, otherwise you are going to end up with a super skinny took me two tries to figure that out!  Once I got it down I opted to free hand several of these to get this step done for all of my headbands.



Using your hot glue gun, roll the felt so that you create a cone, placing the hot glue along the edge.  Hold the felt together until the hot glue sets. Now, other DIY unicorn horn enthusiasts may tell you to then flip the horn inside out so "hide the seams".  I did this on a few of my horns, and abstained on the others.  There was NO real difference at all, so make it EASY on yourself and skip that part.


Stuff the horn! Sounds easy enough right?  Well a few things...make sure you get the stuffing down to the end of the horn.  Again, this took me some trial and error, but I finally found out that a pen was quite helpful in getting the stuffing to the very end and to successfully fill in the entire horn.  Also, do not stuff the horn too tightly, you want to be able to wrap that thread around in the next step and make the proper unicorn horn indentations.


Place a dot of hot glue at the tip of the horn and hold your thread in it (Do NOT cut the thread from the spool yet).  CAUTION you WILL get burned by the hot glue in this step!  I made 5 of these in total and burned myself each time.  In fact, if you find a way to avoid this and still secure the thread please let me know!  Other DIYers suggest using a needle and thread for this step, but I found the glue worked well, I did not have a needle lying around, and I enjoyed the challenge of escaping the burn (although that did not quite workout in my favor)! Once the thread is secure wind it around the horn until you get to the bottom.  Hold the thread in place and use your glue gun to add a dot of hot glue on the thread at each point that it hit the seam of the horn. Once secured cut the thread from the spool.



Cut two rough circles and hot glue ONE to the bottom of the horn to hold the stuffing in!  Believe me, I didn't measure or use a template I just cut...I know, seems risky right?  It worked every time!  Use the other to secure to the headband.  Do this by holding the horn in the center of the headband.  Place the extra circle underneath the headband and use hot glue to tick them together.  Trust me, there is no extra secret to this step. 

Do what works for you!  Just make sure to hold the horn to the circle for a minute or two to set the glue.  I added some extra glue to the edges for security. Here is what we have completed so far...and if you like, you can be done just with this!  In fact, if throwing a Unicorn themed bash, there is no reason why you couldn't create a few of these simply unicorn headbands for party guests to put on or even for a photo booth prop!  I didn't stop here though, I couldn't help myself!


The ears! Unicorns need to hear too right?  So, because there are two ears per headband I did get a bit more strategic with how I went about creating them.  I felt that each headband should have two ears that matched-more or less.  I used a piece of cardboard to fashion a stencil...and I learned a few things along the way! 

Hint 1-You want to create a double stencil.  This ensures that you can wrap the ear around the headband, gluing two matching ear shapes together. 

Hint 2-You also want to ensure that you leave a long enough strip in between the ear pieces to fully wrap the width of the headband (see the completed ears below to get a better idea of what I am talking about!) 

Once I cut the stencil I simply had to use it to cut out several pairs of ears.  This is where the stiffer felt came in handy!  I created the ears using this type of felt so that the ears would have a better chance of standing up.  Then I cut some rough pieces of pink to create the "inner ear".  I went through three different "DIY stencils" before I got the ears right!

Next you simply wrap the ears around the headband, one on each side of the horn.  Secure them with hot glue by first adding glue to ear pieces and holding them together until they set.  Once set I added hot glue around the edges closest to the headband to ensure the ears could not slip in either direction! could choose to be done at this point! could move on to embellishing this headband with whatever you wanted! 



FLOWERS!!!!!! Or...stars, gemstones, even seashells...whatever your pleasure.  This headband has so many options for creating the perfect magical unicorn accessory. I bought some fake flowers in an array of colors and created several different color themed horns by simply hot gluing these in no particular order to the headband!  The possibilities are endless! 

Well, there you have it!  Olivia will not stop wearing these all around the house.  Hopefully they make it to her birthday party! (psssst: How cute is the birthday cake we had custom ordered for her? We are dying over here from the unicorn-cuteness)

magical unicorn birthday cake

"Always be yourself! Unless you can be a Unicorn.  Then ALWAYS be a Unicorn!"

Sara, DIY Specialist
Team Shoppe California 

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