(Easy) Spring Decor DIY Project

Easter may be over but the home entertaining season has really just begun.  Since we are big fans of most everything DIY, and even bigger fans of affordable decor ideas, we thought we would share this adorable floral DIY.  

affordable spring DIY decor project

This project was so simple it took about 5 minutes to execute.  Since we didn't have time to dye any eggs this year (shhhhh... please don't tell) we really had to step up our creative game around the Easter table. And our efforts definitely wow'd our Easter guests over the weekend, so we thought we would share the creative love!

Easter egg DIY


1.  4 Eggs! Plus egg carton
2.  Kitchen knife
3.  Markers or sharpies
4.  Trimmings from your garden- any flowers or greens will do


1.  Grab your knife.  Hold first egg over the sink and gently crack into the top of the egg.  Peel off the top of the shell and dump (or save!) yolk(s).  Omelets anyone? 
2.  Repeat for all four eggs.  Pat the inside and outside dry with paper towel.
3.  Cut one strip off of your egg carton.  This will serve as the base for your 4 egg ladies!
4.  Pick up your sharpies or marker and get creative. We love the eyelashes and lipstick look but the sky is the limit here.  Be creative!
5.  Top off with floral trimmings from the garden.  

That's it! If you've tried anything similar we would LOVE to see and share. Make sure to sound off in the comments below.  These little egg cuties would be the perfect decor for any spring brunch- or brunch any time of the year, really!  You could even give them a try for mother's day






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