How to Build a Following on Instagram in 5 Steps

We launched our instagram at the end of November 2016, and it has been a really fun journey so far! You may remember our post about creating an instagram strategy that rocks (in 6 simple steps).  That specific post was more about branding and telling a story through the instagram platform. In this post, we've created a simple chart so you can build out your brand story and grab even more followers and engagement. 

 Just in case you are a visual learner (like us!) check out this simple chart below and start watching your follower number grow bit by bit each day.  

1.  Geotag!  When you can share the location of a photo with your followers, you automatically expand your potential reach.  (This is especially true for brick and mortar businesses, but works for everyone!) 

2. Hashtag and develop a strategy.  Put some time into researching which hashtags are trending on instagram.  (An easy way to do this without using a 3rd party app is to plug your corresponding hashtag into the IG search bar. You will get a clear visual of hashtags on IG and how many people are using them in real time.) Keep a running list of hashtags for specific types of photos in your "notes" on your phone. That way, you can just copy and paste each individual list with each post of the day.

3.  Engage! The bottom line...the more you comment, like, and follow, the more of a response you will get.  Pro tip:  pick your top 3 competitors, and start engaging with their fans.  You will have a higher likelihood of converting them to fans of your product/site if you follow, like, and comment on their posts.  

4.  Use consistent filters! The most popular filter on instagram (the one with the highest engagement) is the "no filter" option.  BUT- that doesnt mean you shouldn't experiment with filters that you like! Go ahead and play around, just make sure to check your IG analytics to see what your fans are liking (and do more of it!)

5.  Post at peak times and hours.  You will find all sorts of statistics online about what days and hours are most optimal for IG posts (seriously...its all over the map).  Pro tip:  make sure to check your analytics tab to note the days/times where your brand has the highest engagement. Basically, see whats working and do more of that!  You can use a handy app like Later (our personal fav) to schedule all of your content ahead of to build a following on instagramHave any other fun Instagram growth tricks? We'd love to hear and share with our followers! Let us know in the comments below.



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