How to Create an Instagram Strategy that Rocks

It's no secret that Instagram should be an integral part of your small business marketing strategy. But sometimes its easier said than done! Here are some simple steps to get your strategy started:  

how to create an instagram strategy

1.  Stick to a color story.  That's right!  Pick 3-4 colors that match your branding aesthetic and post or re-gram images in that pallet.  Your IG story is no place to color outside the lines if you want to increase your followers and engagement.  

2.  Post consistently!  Maybe you can't post every day.  We get it- you are doing what you do best (running your business). But- whatever you do, be consistent. Maybe its Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  OR- just Monday's. Our advice is to create a schedule and stick to it! Pretty soon your followers will know exactly what to expect and WHEN to expect it from your amazing brand.

3.  Follow the RIGHT accounts.  Choose a handful of brands to follow and interact with on a daily basis.  Start commenting on their images, and even re-gram (with appropriate photo credit) if something they post fits into the feel of your feed. 

4.  Cohesive, cohesive, cohesive! Think of your instagram feed as one long story.   Images should flow and all have a similar vibe, look, and feel.  Filters, brand voice, and imagery should all stay consistent throughout your feed.  Your instagram should be a bitsy, informative, PRETTY story.  Your brand should look and feel like the heroine (cue @shoppeca feed):

how to create an instagram strategy

5.  Hashtag (but don't get too trigger-happy)!  Look up popular hash tags that similar business owners are using.  Join in the conversation.  Make a list of all of the popular hashtags that make sense for your brand, and use them frequently! (Don't over hash-tag- that makes you look like SPAM. And nobody likes spam). Linkedin has some great hashtag strategy tips. Catch them here.   

6.  Create a custom hash tag!  Encourage your followers to join in your brand conversation (#SHOPPECA anyone?).  When you re-gram your fans, you will build trust.  And trust = repeat business! 




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