How to Layer Necklaces in 3 Steps

Everyone loves the layered look, but layering necklaces can be a bit tricky (especially for somebody who doesn't wear them often!).  Follow our quick tips below to help you layer like a pro in no time. 

Why layer? Layering 2-4 dainty necklaces can make a glitzy fashion statement in a subtle way. Bold pieces of jewelry certainly have their place in a woman's wardrobe- but there's just something about a perfectly layered (yet simple) look that speaks volumes.  

Dainty necklaces are super popular these days- and mixing and matching is a huge trend for Jewels in 2017 and beyond.  Learn how to love to layer with these quick tips:

1.  Pick your main focal point necklace and build a story around it.  Maybe you have a favorite dainty gold chain that you love wearing every day.  Consider it your focal point to "build" your look and start adding on!

how to layer necklaces in 3 steps

2.  Choose different lengths!  If you are new to the layering game, maybe just start with 2 pieces.  If you choose 2 necklaces that are different chain lengths, you will be well on your way to a layering success story.  (pro tip:  lightweight necklaces tend to get bunched up! To avoid a tangle- make sure you pick at least one necklace with a bit of a heaver chain or an anchor piece on it).  

3.  Keep it simple.  Clean and simple necklace designs make great layering pieces.  Stick with simple designs and you can't go wrong.  Have a more intricate piece you love? Try pairing with with a plain chain and wire detail.  

The necklaces above are from Lush Jewelry.  Her basics are great for layering.  Poke around and see if you can't come up with a similar combination... Kasia Jewelry also has amazing 14K gold fill basics that make the perfect dainty layering pieces.  (Pssst: dying over that ring? It's made out of vintage crystal! You can find it here.)


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