5 Tips For Buying Jewelry

Full disclosure: this post is written by the male counterpart of ShoppeCA (Jessica's husband, Scott).  He's here to help you pick out jewelry for your partner (because we all know that often times your husband or partner can fall flat when it comes to picking out personalized jewelry).  Apart from sharing the wisdom he's gained over the years, he's also here to be funny... so read on.

I won't sugarcoat it - buying jewelry for your partner is hard.  There’s a world of options and just so many ways to go wrong.  Most men know as much about jewelry as they do purses (what the hell is a cross-over convertible clutch?)  Many men will wear a ring (maybe) and a watch (sometimes) and that’s it.  So how can a man know how to buy the right jewelry for a woman?  Grab a beer, take a seat, and follow these five tips and you'll be sure to buy a piece she'll love.

how to buy jewelry for women

Tip #1:  Be Observant

Someone recently asked me, “Does your wife wear a lot of makeup?”  I honestly didn’t know the answer.  This is an example of not being observant.  And ridiculous because we've been together for years.  Guys – just pay attention slightly and you’ll get all the info you need on what she likes.  More specifically, look at what types of jewelry she already owns.  Does she wear big, statement pieces like this?  Or does she wear small, conservative pieces like these?  Does she wear gold or silver?  Here’s the big suggestion – buy her jewelry that looks like what she already wears.

(**Bonus Tip** look at the metal on her favorite purse – is it gold or silver or something else?  Chances are you’re safe buying jewelry in the same color.)

Tip #2:  Don’t Procrastinate

Odds are you're buying jewelry as a gift for an occasion like a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc…  That means there’s a deadline to buy and give this gift.  That also means you'll probably wait until the last minute to meet this deadline.

The tip here is to avoid procrastination at all costs because it will lead you to buy something in desperation.  That desperation will cause you to buy something she doesn’t want, for more than you wanted to spend.  This can be avoided easily because you know exactly when you need to buy this jewelry - it’s the next occasion.  Look at your calendar right now.  When is the next big day?  Is it Valentine’s day coming up or her birthday in three months?  Whatever it is, start looking. Handmade jewelry from Shoppeca takes 5 business days to produce and 3 days to ship - so plan ahead!  The last day to order to get your product in time for Valentines Day is this Monday, February 6th.  

how to buy jewelry for women

Tip #3:  Consider the Occasion

Do you wear a hat to the office?  No, of course not.  Do you wear jean shorts to a nice dinner?  I hope not.  If you don’t see where this is going, put down that sixth beer and focus.  Women wear different jewelry for different occasions - fancy jewelry for fancy occasions, everyday jewelry for everyday occasions.  Most women don’t throw on their big diamond earrings with their yoga pants to go to Trader Joe's on Sunday.  That said, some do.  The key is to know when she wears what (see #1, above).

The point for you is to realize that while some jewelry can be worn often, some can’t.  If you buy her big diamond earrings, they are likely going to be “special occasion” earrings that only get dusted off a couple times a year.  Most women don’t want to wear the fanciest jewelry all the time (if yours does, good luck. There's this thing called a Series 7 you should investigate).  Ultimately, the tip is to pick a piece of jewelry she can wear to look and feel beautiful all the time.

Tip #4:  Be Thoughtful

Breaking news – women appreciate it when you’re thoughtful and considerate.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, finish up that twelver and go sign up for Tinder.  She probably already hates you.  For those of you who can at least try to be thoughtful, well, good for you.  Read on.

There are endless ways you can be thoughtful, but there are some general approaches.  For example, you can go with the “I listen” route.  Remember that time she mentioned she loved a piece of jewelry she saw in a storefront?  Or when she pointed out a necklace another woman was wearing?  Or how her mom always wore jewelry like that piece you saw the other day?  Buying it (or something like it) shows you were listening.  Another option is the “meaningful” route.  Do you know her birthstone?  Your daughter’s?  Buy a piece with those birthstones.  Or engrave a ring with your anniversary date.  Buy her dolphins like Will Smith in Independence Day.  Whatever your thing is, just make it special.

The tip here is that jewelry is a great opportunity to attach some meaning to something beautiful and long-lasting.  Doing so will go a long way.

what to buy for valentines day

Tip #5:  Above All Else, Don’t Guess

This is by far the most important tip:  women love being surprised…with the things they want.  A surprise alone doesn’t make up for the fact she doesn’t like what you surprised her with.  This needs to be repeated:  get her what she wants.  The good news is that you have amazing resources to know what she wants – use them.  Text her best friend (this is allowable guy to non-spouse communication), ask her mom, ask her sister.  For some reason women talk about and know these things about each other.  I guarantee her best friend knows exactly type and style of jewelry she will love.  It’s simple.  Just ask.

At the end of the day, buy her what she wants, without her telling you (hence the surprise), and you’ll get her the perfect piece.  Follow these tips and you'll be golden.



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