Talkin About Turquoise

It's no secret that turquoise is a hot spring jewelry color trend.  We've rounded up several of our favorite turquoise picks to leave you on trend and feeling sparkly in this cool blue hue. 

Turquoise symbolizes empowerment, positivity, and communication.  It is a powerful stone that is a reflection of self-expression.  No doubt about it- this stone is a mood lifter.  

handmade turquoise jewelry


1. Turquoise 3-stone ring
2. Large bridget turquoise earrings
3. Healing gemstone stud earrings in turquoise
4. Small bridget turquoise earrings
5. Indo turquoise ring
6. Zaha turquoise ring
7. Mara turquoise earrings
8. Turquoise gemstone necklace
9. Turquoise gemstone studs


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