Why 14K Gold Jewelry?

Everyone knows 14k gold jewelry options are everywhere, but what does 14k even mean? AND, why is it better than other types of gold metals?  We've broken it down below because want you to know why we are so obsessed with 14k gold magic...

The most popular forms of gold metals available in the US are 10K, 14k, + 18K.  The most popular metal in wedding bands sold in the US is actually 14k gold- and for very good reason.  14k gold is the best combination of durability, price, and look that money can buy!  The price tag is just right, and the metal is so strong that it is super resistant to tarnishing, scratching, and other damage.  (24K is the highest density of gold that you can buy, but since it isn't mixed with any other metals, its super soft and gets damaged easily!)

Visit our cheat sheet below for a visual and treat yourself to some 14k gold plated magic.    

why buy 14k gold



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