Trio of handmade soaps from local Santa Barbara farm
handmade soap trio for mother's day
handmade soap trio for mothers day gift

Handmade soap trio

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Handmade soap trio by Body Hi. This beautiful trio of handmade soaps are made from locally sourced ingredients from Tutti Frutti farms in Santa Barbara, CA.  

Trio includes: Coconut Rose, Soothing Lavender with Buttermilk, and Rosemary and Orange Castile Soap with French Gray Salt. 

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Coconut Rose:  has a velvety lather and is great for both the face and body with its moisturizing organic Shea butter, healing non-nano zinc, nourishing coconut water and purifying pink kaolin clay.  Rose geranium essential oil is used to treat acne, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Its antiseptic properties can help speed up the healing of wounds and treat a variety of skin problems, such as burns, frostbite, fungal infections, athlete's foot, and eczema.

Ingredients: saponified Figueroa Farms olive oil, unrefined Shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil and castor oil - coconut water - rose geranium essential oil - rose petals - pink kaolin clay - non nano zinc - pink Himalayan salt.  
78% organic, vegan.
Soothing Lavender with Buttermilk:  ultra soothing to the skin with organic lavender flowers, lavender essential oil and skin softening buttermilk and Shea butter.  The lavender gives a gorgeous smell but the soap is unique with its hint of vanilla and the slightly nutty fragrance from the buttermilk.  Wonderful to use in the PM and gentle enough for the face.  
Ingredients: saponified Figueroa Farms olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined Shea butter and castor oil - buttermilk - essential oils of lavender and vanilla - lavender flowers.  
98% organic, vegetarian
Rosemary and Orange Castile Soap with French Gray Salt:
revitalizing rosemary scent with uplifting undertones of sweet orange. A hard salt bar made with local organic olive oil and lots of French gray salt, the ingredients are very healing and moisturizing to the skin. French gray salt, which is extremely high in healing minerals, and organic rosemary leaf give a gentle exfoliation. Expect a low lather because this is pure castile soap, meaning no other oils are used that create big suds, just nourishing olive oil.  
Ingredients:  saponified Figueroa Farms olive oil - purified water - Tutti Frutti Farms rosemary - essential oils of rosemary and orange - French gray salt.  100% organic, vegan